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About Us

Made in USA!

Our heathy snacks come from recipes developed and packaged in southern California. 

Fun and Flavor

Our healthy snacks pack as much fun and flavor as our founder's personality. 

Mission of Caring

When you shop with us, you are supporting local communities and advancing healthy lifestyles. 

Who what why


Our start

We are a small family owned business that started with  the single minded goal of helping people. Only after we had begun this journey did we discover that our last name could be interpreted as "spoon-maker" in German language. That discovery has just strengthened our resolve to help others receive the best fun and flavor possible in a healthy snack delivered in our multi-patented spoons.

What is a ReadySpoon

A ReadySpoon is a unique multi-patented delivery device or spoon, capable of safely delivering semi-liquid and liquid contents, ready to be eat when hunger strikes! Simply twist the bowl of the spoon which breaks the seal safely holding the contents in the tube handle, and push the tube handle to release the desired amount of contents into the bowl of the spoon to eat.

Why ReadySpoon

We began with an interest in helping people suffering from swallowing problems (dysphasia). We have known family and friends of all ages that may have short term or long term trauma that requires assistance swallowing and those that simply need help to swallow crashed medications. Today, we are about fun, flavor, and function! We continue to pursue palate pleasing flavors that are healthy or healthier than other options on the market for everyone in need and on-the-go. Seizing the opportunity to have fun with flavor, we have introduced the lightsaber spoon to our list of multi-patented spoons.

Safe Stable Convenient

ReadySpoon is designed to keep contents safely contained from outside contaminants while you are on-the-go. Our current flavor options are created with natural and organic ingredients that are more healthy and enable long shelf life. Most can be saved for use for more than 9 months! What could be more convenient than putting a healthy snack in your purse, pocket, or car because it is compact design doesn't take up much space, but then grab, twist, push, and eat when you are ready.

Good for Kids Teens Adults

You will find that children will enjoy the lightsaber and other fun designs before or after eating a healthy snack with no needed assistance. Parents will love that the child can also learn to eat with a spoon. Kids enjoy the fun and flavor because what could be better than entertainment and sweet flavor? Adults can enjoy the benefit of convenient and healthy snacks but adults working with home hospice, assisted living, skilled nursing, and hospitals will appreciate the improvement over current medicine consumption assistance options. 

Our mission to serve

Let us know how we can help you.